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diesel generator set

A diesel generator set converts the chemical energy of diesel into electrical energy. It consists of components such as a diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control storage battery, protection device, and emergency cabinet. Diesel generator sets have the characteristics of wide applicability, good fuel economy, and wide power range.

Natural gas generator

Natural gas generator set refers to a gas generator set that uses natural gas as fuel. It consists of natural gas engine, generator, control box, gas box, starting and control storage battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. Natural gas power generation units have advantages such as low pollution, low operating costs, low noise, and wide applicability.
Natural Gas Generator
A marine engine generator set, also known as a marine genset, is a self-contained unit that combines a marine engine, typically a diesel engine, with a generator to provide electricity on board a vessel.Marine generators can serve as the main power source on board or as emergency backup power sources to provide continuous operation of key equipment such as navigation and communication systems for ships.

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Application areas of generator sets

Application of generator sets on offshore oil drilling platforms

Offshore oil drilling platforms require a large amount of electricity to support their operations, including drilling, oil production, production and living facilities. Generator sets are the main source of power for offshore oil drilling platforms. The generator set can provide power for platform lighting and living facilities, provide power for drilling and oil production equipment, and serve as an emergency backup power supply to ensure the safe and stable operation of other equipment.

Application of generator sets in telecommunications field

Generator sets are crucial for communication base stations, providing reliable power for normal operation and stable signal transmission. They also act as emergency backup during power outages and support maintenance/repair activities with power for tasks like cable laying and line repairs.

Application of generator sets in hospitals

Generator sets can provide reliable power supply to ensure the normal operation of key medical projects and medical equipment during emergency power outages or power supply line failures. Under the influence of harsh natural environments such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, the generator set can convert diesel into electrical energy to continuously and stably output electricity, ensuring that patients can receive normal medical treatment services.

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