Solutions Providers

Our company specializes in the sales and maintenance of imported diesel and gasoline generator sets, generator set accessories, generator set consumables and various generator set related projects. The company's main products are Cummins generator set, Volvo generator set, Shangchai generator set, Yuchai generator set and other high-end diesel gasoline generator set. The business projects include sales of new diesel generators (power range 2kw-2000kw) maintenance, noise elimination design and installation of generator room, multi machine parallel cabinet project of generator, water cooling project of diesel generator and automatic starting project of generator ATS. And provide a variety of imported diesel engine accessories, consumables, etc.

Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, to provide customers with quality service. Our company has a professional team of door-to-door construction operation, work with certificate, reasonable transaction, safe and fast. Starting from the real needs of enterprises, we effectively integrate the material market through various channels, so that renewable resources can be reasonably circulated and scientifically reused. Every customer is followed up in real time by the special marketing department personnel. They pay close attention to the customer's needs and wishes, and provide the first time feedback scheme.

Profession Workshop

The company's quality and environmental management system is perfect, and the organization is sound. The company factory is divided into office area, production area and living area. The production area is divided into: sheet metal workshop I, sheet metal workshop II, metalworking workshop, assembly workshop I, assembly workshop II, control panel workshop, painting workshop (divided into: pretreatment team - sandblasting, bath solution; spraying team - painting, plastic spraying; packaging team - packaging, storage) and test center, and the implementation of process ERP management.

Our Team

The company has a sense of advanced, young, proficient management team, they to establish a modern enterprise as the goal, in line with the pursuit "High starting point, high technology, excellent service", actively absorb advanced technology and products at home and abroad, and constantly update the products. In recent years, the company has extensive cooperation with Shangchai generator set, Yuchai generator set, Weichai generator set, Sweden Volvo generator set, Cummins generator set and Qianglu generator set, and has become one of the OEM supporting factories and technology companies Heart, for the development of the international market has laid a solid foundation!